Working at AP1

Global environment and high level of expertise

Major investments, international focus and a benefit to society. Co-workers at AP1 work in a stimulating environment where they contribute to a stable pension system and the development of the whole of society.

Each individual employee has great influence on how AP1 can deliver a return on the assets it manages. Therefore, we naturally want to recruit and retain the best.

Our employee surveys show that the knowledge-intensive environment makes the Fund an attractive place to work.


Challenges, responsibility and security in a goal-oriented team with a meaningful mandate.


Forward-looking, Open, Responsible, Considerate.


A world-class, highly trusted pension fund where our employees are proud to work, can continuously develop and have the possibility to make a difference.

Interesting investments

Everyone at AP1, whatever their role, comes into contact with interesting investments.

The Fund manages large sums of money, so it is a huge operation financially. Having said that, we are also a cost-effective organisation. That’s why everyone at AP1, whatever their role is, comes into contact with interesting investments. Our portfolio encompasses almost every kind of asset there is. These include classic Swedish industrial equities and global hedge funds, as well as agricultural assets in New Zealand – to name but a few.

We have a global perspective

AP1 is firmly anchored in Sweden thanks to its important role for current and future pensioners, but at the same we are also very much an international organisation.

Of the total portfolio we manage, roughly one-third is invested in Swedish assets.

Every working day at AP1 therefore entails global travel – in thought at least. Naturally enough, many of our personnel originate from outside of Sweden.

Sweden in the world

Personnel at AP1 contribute to future Swedish pensions via the international financial markets. Globally successful Autoliv is among the Fund’s holdings.

Foto: Autoliv

A developmental employer

AP1 is a modern employer with a working environment that promotes the development both of the Fund and its co-workers. At AP1, you can grow in your career and as an individual.

We have a focus on continuous improvement in everything we do, both for individuals and the organisation. We are changing all the time, partly due to broader diversification in our investments, rapid technological developments and a stronger focus on sustainability.

The Fund makes large investments in information systems, which is a success factor for international asset managers aiming to be world class. Technical know-how, especially in programming, is increasingly vital in asset management. We welcome more and more employees with a technical or mathematical background.

Sustainability for society and the individual

At AP1, the personnel has opportunities to bring benefit to society. We know that many employees value the ability to help pensions develop, and that we integrate sustainability into our investments.

We promote a culture that attracts the best recruits by being a stimulating, supportive workplace. Professional communication and positive feedback highlight good examples and bring high-quality new co-workers into the company.

Motivated co-workers have great responsibility and freedom to make decisions within given frameworks. This is a working environment that promotes creativity, productivity and well-being.