We invest pension capital to make it grow.

This is
Första AP-fonden

Första AP-fonden (AP1) manages part of the capital in Sweden’s national income pension system. The fund’s medium-term return target on the total portfolio after costs is 3.0 per cent real per year measured over rolling ten-year periods starting in 2020. The long-term return target (over 40 years) is 4 per cent average annual real return after costs.

Our assets of SEK 454,4 billion are distributed across a global portfolio consisting of equities, fixed-income securities, real estate, infrastructure, private equity funds and hedge funds.

We invest sustainably and long-term, and practise responsible ownership.

Net assets (SEK)
as of December 31 2023

454.4 bn

Average real annual return
last ten years

5.0 %

Transfers to pension system
during 2023

4.8 bn

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AP Funds strengthen the Swedish income pension system by adding SEK 142 billion

The First-Fourth AP Funds performed well in 2023 and strengthened the financial position of the income pension system by SEK 142 billion. The result corresponds to an average return of 8.1 per cent. At year-end, the four funds managed total assets of SEK 1,880 billion. The net payments of the AP Funds to the pension system totalled SEK 19 billion. This contributes strongly to the stability of the income pension system and its mission to maximise benefits for current and future pensioners.

On the brink of a new era

Global fixed-income and equity markets recovered in 2023, after the sharp market downturns of the previous year. The year alternated between substantial upturns and sharp market downturns as investors tried to assess interpret the situation, and deal with the increased volatility. With carefully considered portfolio positions and a steady focus on implementation, Första AP-fonden achieved a return of 9.1 per cent, which corresponds to net investment income of SEK 38.0 billion.

New board member in Första AP-fonden

The government has appointed Gunilla Hellqvist as new members of the Board of Directors at Första AP-fonden (AP1).

Looking ahead during a time of transition

In the first half of 2023, global-fixed income and equity markets recovered from the sharp market downturn of the previous year. It seemed as if the world’s investors struggled to interpret risk, and between prolonged periods of slow activity, the tentative upturns grew almost unnoticeably stronger. Despite an uncertain and volatile market, Första AP-fonden contributed positively to the stability of the income pension system with a return of 6.6 per cent and reported net investment income of SEK 27.8 billion. Assets under management totalled SEK 446.4 billion at mid-year.

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