Första AP-fonden’s 2015 annual report

Four percent return and continued focus on long-term investments

Första AP-fonden’s net investment income after expenses for 2015 amounted to SEK 11.3 billion. The return was 4,0 percent after expenses, which is in line with the Fund’s target. The average annual return of the Fund after expenses for the past 10-year period is 5.5 percent. Real return (i.e. adjusted for inflation) after expenses for the same 10-year period is 4.4 percent – above the Fund’s long-term target.

Highlights of the year (see also next page)

  • Net investment income after expenses was SEK 11.3 billion (prev. year 36.4).
  • Net assets increased by SEK 6.4 billion to SEK 290.2 billion.
  • During the period, Första AP-fonden paid a net amount of SEK 4.9 billion (prev. year 5.1) to
    the pension system to cover the difference between pension contributions and disbursements.
  • The Fund’s annual administrative expenses were SEK 493 million (prev. year 456), equalling
    0.17 percent (prev. year 0.17) of assets under management

CEO Johan Magnusson comments on the outcome:

“The return of 4.0 per cent after expenses in 2015 is decent considering the great market turbulence
during the year. It is in line with the Fund’s target. We have contributed a result of SEK 165 billion
in total since inception in 2001 to the pension system.”

Första AP-fonden continues to invest with a long-term approach, for instance through direct
investments in real estate and infrastructure.

“We purchased, as part of a consortium, electricity distribution company Ellevio from Fortum. The
company has already embarked on major investments to enhance delivery performance to

We also formed a real estate company – Secore Fastigheter – together with ICA Fastigheter. The
ambition is to allow Secore to grow further by acquiring further properties in which ICA stores are
the main tenant,” comments Johan Magnusson.

Första AP-fonden also endeavours to create long-term sustainable value in a broad sense.
“As a long-term investor, it is natural to incorporate non-financial sustainability aspects into the
investment analysis. Last year, we decided on a new overall sustainability strategy, in which we
focus on resource efficiency. That means that we expect that the use of natural resources, human
capital and financial capital shall take place responsibly,” explains Johan Magnusson.

2015-12-31 2014-12-31
Net assets at 31 December SEK 290.2 bn SEK 283,8 bn
Net investment income for the year SEK 11.3 bn SEK 36.4 bn
Net flow from the pension system SEK -4.9 bn SEK -5.1 bn
Net assets at 1 January SEK 283.8 bn SEK 252.5 bn
Operating expenses, annualised, % of AUM 0.06 % 0.07 %
Commission costs, annualised, % of AUM 0.17 % 0.17 %
Return after expenses 4.0 % 14.6 %
Real return after expenses 3.9 % 15.0 %
Annualised return after expenses 5.0 years 7.7 %
Annualised return after expenses 10.0 years 5.5 %
Real annualised return after expenses 10.0 years 4,4 %


Johan Magnusson, CEO

Ossian Ekdahl, Head of Communications and ESG
+46 709 681 209, ossian.ekdahl@ap1.se