About Första AP-fonden


Kristin Magnusson Bernard

Born: 1979


Education: PhD in Macroeconomics from the Stockholm School of Economics

Previous positions: Country Senior Executive in Nordea Markets Sweden and Head of Macroeconomic Research in Nordea. Several leading positions within the Markets and Investment Banking divisions of Nordea. Senior positions at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt as well as at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington D.C.

Employed in: 2020

CEO since: 2020

Sara Christensen

Born: 1970

Head of Communication

Education: Bachelor in Market Economy

Previous positions: Swedbank, Kaupthing, ABB, GE Capital

Employed in: 2019

In current position: 2019

Henrik Dubois

Born: 1975

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Education: MSc Business Administration, MSc Economics

Previous experience: SPP Fonder, Systembolaget, Coeli, Nykredit bank och Öhman J:OR

Employed in: 2021

In current position since: 2021

Mats Enebrink

Born: 1976

Head of Operations

Education: MSc Engineering, CFA

Previous experience: AFA Försäkring, VPD Financial Software Consulting

Employed in: 2008

In current position since: 2020