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We are a team of some 70 employees with different experiences, backgrounds, skills and perspectives. Through these we create long-term success and thus help to drive development forward in society.

“At AP1, I learn something new from my colleagues every day and I feel very grateful to be part of such a qualified team.”

Emilie Beijbom

Photo: Peter Phillips

Emelie Beijbom

Company lawyer since 2021 and previously, a consultant to the Fund since 2018

– We are three senior lawyers in AP1’s Legal and Archives unit. We have different backgrounds and legal expertise. As lawyers at the Fund we cooperate in the unit and work across a wide range of legal fields: financial market law, alternative investments, public law, tax law and more. There is an extra layer of complexity since the Fund is a global asset manager. Law in itself is not global, instead laws and regulations are specific to each country. For this reason, the requirements of us as lawyers are high but it’s also what makes the job so interesting as we have such a dynamic area of responsibility. It is very challenging and professionally rewarding to work for such a large and wide asset manager as AP1.

– As a company lawyer I get plenty of opportunity to expand my knowledge, which I find very stimulating after working many years as a fund specialist in a range of legal roles at a Swedish bank. Here I learn something new from my colleagues every day and I am very grate[1]ful to be part of such a highly qualified team.

Jan Rådberg

Responsible for private equity fund investments since 2011

AP1 currently has about SEK 27 bn invested in private equity funds and we delivered the highest ever return in 2021.

– Creating a successful, diversified portfolio means we have to place great importance on every investment decision, which we do. It has always been important to us to invest with the best asset managers, regardless of which part of the market we invest in, which is especially important considering ESG factors. I have been doing this for twenty years and I know that it takes time to find the best asset managers in the various areas. I therefore spend a lot of my working hours on the road meeting asset managers and trying to understand and get to know the people behind the funds.

– It involves a lot of building personal networks to get access to the most attractive investments. I have always enjoyed working at AP1, I’ve been given a lot of freedom and I can’t imagine a more interesting job.

Malin Johansson

Back office employee in Operations, since 2017

– As a back-office unit we are involved in most of the Fund’s investments.

– We administrate, monitor and check all transactions and process all the other flows and business transactions linked to our positions. A major part of our day-to-day work consists of solving problems and improving existing processes. We do this in close collaboration with our custodian bank, clearing agent and many other teams in the Fund. We are also part of many of the Fund’s shared projects and going forward, we hope to have the opportunity to put more time into finding better solutions for the manual processes we still have today.

– I think that the main reason I so enjoy working at AP1 is that there is enormous engagement and a great desire to improve across the entire organisation, in everything however big or small. There is also a real sense that we all have an important part to play if we are to achieve that.

Junior and senior working together

New recruits at AP1 are plunged straight into the core business.

Constructive dialogue

Patrik Nyman and Dmytro Sheludchenko

– The Fund has a clearly defined goal: to create returns for the pension system. It’s easier to get into the swing of work if you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, says Dmytro Sheludchenko.

He has been working with quantitative analysis for a few years, the field of asset management that develops and uses mathematical methods.

– We transform overriding goals into systematic asset management. In our group, we work together to decide how we do that. Also, my manager and other colleagues listen to my ideas about what we can do.

Ongoing development is important to AP1. This is why Dmytro’s manager, Patrik Nyman, sees great benefit in taking the views of junior employees on board.

– We constantly question whether we’ve analysed the investments correctly. New angles of approach help us to find new answers, he says.

Patrik is responsible for allocation and has worked in the AP Fund system since 1992.

– I may be the one who’s ultimately responsible in our group, but there are hundreds of different ways of approaching a problem. I ask my team a lot of questions about how they’re thinking.

Dmytro feels this is a good thing.

– It’s very different to working with a boss who just says, ‘Do this’. Here we maintain a constructive dialogue, and you can take responsibility if you want to.