Our investments

Financial results

Active asset management

Global fixed income and equity markets showed sharply negative returns in 2022, driven by outbreaks of war, continued pandemic effects, high inflation and rising interest rates.

Through active asset management focused on protecting the portfolio and limiting downside risks, Första AP-fonden reports a return of minus 8.6 per cent corresponding to net investment income of SEK -39.9 bn during 2022. The Fund exceeds its target of 3 per cent real returns over rolling ten-year periods.

Assets under management has increased from SEK 172 billion in 2008 to SEK 421.2 billion (as of 31 December 2022).

Read the latest report here (in Swedish).

Covers the deficit

In 2022, Första AP-fonden transferred SEK 4.7 billion to the income pension system.

Continued focus on the long term

Continued turbulence and high uncertainty likely await in 2023. Despite remaining uncertainty, we feel confident in our ability to succeed in our mandate, maximising return while ensuring balanced risk, efficiency and sustainability to help build pensions security for us all, today and for the future.