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Anna Magnusson appointed new Chief Active Ownership Officer at Första AP-fonden

Anna Magnusson has been appointed the new Chief Active Ownership Officer at Första AP-fonden (AP1). Anna comes from a role as specialist in corporate governance at Alecta and will take up her position at AP1 on June 1st, 2023.

Jenny Gustafsson recruited as Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics

Jenny Gustafsson has been appointed as the new Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics. Jenny joins the Council from AMF and will lead the work of further strengthening the Council and contributing both to value creation in the income pension system and to more sustainable societies. The recruitment is part of the development of the Council.

AP Funds’ Council on Ethics playing a key role in enabling good outcomes when the focus is on sustainability

The AP Funds’ Council on Ethics had a highly active 2022, with more than 3,200 companies being screened for possible violations and incidents. One project that was successfully closed in 2022 centred on child labour in the cocoa sector. A further 16 new dialogues were initiated. In eight proactive projects the focus is on human rights, the climate and corporate governance and 86 reactive company dialogues are ongoing, aimed at addressing and preventing serious accidents and incidents linked to lack of sustainability.

Focus on the long term and portfolio protection amid high uncertainty

Global fixed income- and equity markets showed negative returns in 2022, driven by the breakout of war, lingering post-pandemic effects, high inflation and rising interest rates. Energy dependencies and climate transition ambitions posed difficult short-term and long-term trade-offs for societies and corporates. Through active asset management focused on protecting the portfolio and limiting downside risks, Första AP-fonden reports a return of minus 8.6 per cent corresponding to net investment income of SEK -39.9 bn during 2022. The Fund exceeds its target of 3 per cent real returns over rolling ten-year periods.

AP Funds’ Council on Ethics to drive positive change even more effectively

The AP Funds' Council on Ethics is expanding in response to an audit conducted during the year. The Council on Ethics has decided to recruit an executive director whose duties will include establishing an administrative office to continue to drive positive change in companies in which the AP Funds have holdings.

AP-fondernas etikråd utvecklas för att driva positiv förändring än mer effektivt

AP-fondernas etikråd utvecklas som en följd av en översyn som gjorts under året. Beslut har tagits att rekrytera en chef för AP-fondernas etikråd som bland annat ska forma ett kansli för att fortsätta driva positiv förändring i bolag där AP-fonderna har ägande. 

Long-term focus amid global uncertainty

The first half of 2022 was marked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The war, in conjunction with lingering pandemic lockdowns, disrupted supply chains and led to a shortage of energy and intermediate goods. Soaring inflation prompted global central banks to tighten their monetary policies more than previously expected. Uncertainty over future developments and the complex risk landscape led to a sharp and simultaneous drop in fixed income and equity markets, a historically unusual pattern.

Two new board members of Första AP-fonden

The Government has appointed Annika Andersson and Erica Sjölander as new members of the Board of Directors at Första AP-fonden (AP1).

Karin Karlström new CEO of Polhem Infra

The Board of Polhem Infra has appointed Karin Karlström as new CEO of the company. Karin has been acting CEO since November 2021 and will take up the role of CEO on the 4 of May. Polhem Infra is owned by the First, Third and Fourth Swedish National Pension Funds and invests in unlisted Swedish companies focusing on essential infrastructure.

AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 post record profits of SEK 316 billion in 2021

Together, the AP Funds (AP1-AP4) achieved their best result ever of SEK 316 billion. This significantly contributes to the stability of the income pension system and the mission to be of the greatest possible benefit to current and future pensioners.