Polhem Infra invests in digital infrastructure – acquires Telia Carrier

Today, the AP fund owned, Polhem Infra have entered into a binding agreement to acquire Telia Carrier, a world leading provider in back-bone connectivity for data traffic. With the acquisition, Polhem Infra will, through Telia Carrier, own and operate more than 74,000 km of fiber network with 320 connection points in the world.

“We are investing in an already established company, which has been developed over three decades by Swedish Telia Company. Telia Carrier manages and operates backbone fiber networks for digital communication. We see it as a long-term investment in digital infrastructure, one of our core areas”, says Mikael Lundin, CEO of Polhem Infra.

The deal includes an agreement on strategic partnership. Telia Carrier and Telia Company will continue to work together to provide services and develop new solutions for customers. The company is acquired at a value of SEK 9 450 million on a debt-free basis.

“Sweden has been a leader in investing in digital infrastructure since the 1990s. Telia Carrier transports a significant amount of all public Internet data traffic. Telia Carrier is one of the leading companies in the world in this industry. This digital infrastructure is a national asset that Polhem Infra will own”, says Mikael Lundin.

Polhem Infra’s strategy is to create value by investing in companies that own and operates infrastructure assets that provides essential services to society. An overall assessment has shown that internet traffic is expected to grow with around 25 percent annually. Among other things, the transition to 5G and the development of the “internet of things” is expected to drive the increase. The digital communication within global companies also makes for a positive trend, which is expected to grow in the next few years as companies connect their global operations.

“With Polhem Infra, Telia Carrier gets a long-term stable owner with digital infrastructure as a core area. Polhem Infra’s long-term perspective gives stability for customers, employees and society “, says Mikael Lundin.

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