Karin Karlström new CEO of Polhem Infra

The Board of Polhem Infra has appointed Karin Karlström as new CEO of the company. Karin has been acting CEO since November 2021 and will take up the role of CEO on the 4 of May. Polhem Infra is owned by the First, Third and Fourth Swedish National Pension Funds and invests in unlisted Swedish companies focusing on essential infrastructure.

Karin Karlström has been acting CEO of Polhem Infra for the past six months and previous to that worked broadly as an independent consultant in combination with several board assignments. Karin has extensive experience in transactions and investments, primarily within the tech and telecom sectors. She has a background in investment banking at Carnegie as well as responsible for acquisitions and strategic investments at Telia. Karin was a board member of Polhem Infra during the period February to November 2021.

Johan Skoglund, Chairman of the Board Polhem Infra, comments:

“Polhem Infra has a clear focus on investments in essential infrastructure. Karin Karlström has a long and solid experience and is well placed to lead and develop Polhem Infra’s business further. She has good knowledge of the business and the organization as well as a deep understanding of the sector. With Karin, we get a leader who can make a strong contribution to realizing our set goals, and I very much look forward to our continued work together.”

Karin Karlström, new CEO Polhem Infra, comments:
“Polhem Infra has an important role in the transformation of our society and has in a few years made several long-term investments that contribute to a more sustainable society as well as good returns to the pension system. I am proud and happy to lead Polhem Infra and look forward to working with my colleagues to achieve continued value creation in my new role.”

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Johan Skoglund, Chairman of the Board


Karin Karlström, CEO


Polhem Infra

Polhem Infra is an investment company, founded jointly in 2019 by the Swedish National Pension Funds AP1, AP3 and AP4. The company focuses on direct investments in unlisted Swedish businesses that manage or provide social services and assets such as renewable power production, energy storage, energy distribution and digital infrastructure.


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The AP Funds manage buffer capital in Sweden’s national pension system for the benefit of current and future pensioners, on behalf of Swedish Parliament and the Swedish people. The AP Funds have extensive experience in investing and building profitable unlisted companies such as Vasakronan, Hemsö, Ellevio, Rikshem, CityHold and Willhem. Infrastructure complements the investment categories of equities, bonds and traditional real estate, through long-term, stable and inflation-linked cash flows. The AP Funds balance payments into and disbursements from the pension system and have since their start made a SEK 233 billion net contribution to the pension system. The total fund capital at the end of 2021 amounted to SEK 1,937 billion. These assets comprise approximately 18 per cent of the asset side of the pension system.

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