Green financing for Willhem AB

Första AP-fonden’s (AP1’s) wholly owned housing company Willhem is planning to issue a ‘green bond’ to fund its environmental initiatives. The necessary documentation is now ready.

Willhem AB has extended its legal documentation for bonds and made it possible for the company to issue ‘green bonds’, in which the capital is earmarked for environmental projects. The green bonds are part of the company’s MTN (Medium-Term Note) programme, which is part of Willhem’s sustainability work.

The MTN programme aims to provide issuers with a continuous source of financing, without having to draw up comprehensive documentation from scratch every time.

With the new MTN programme in place, Willhem will carry out a large issue in Swedish kronor (SEK) with an expected term of five years. However, reservation is made for current market conditions.

Willhem owns rental apartments worth SEK 33.3 billion in selected growth areas in Sweden. The company develops idea in service, real estate development, sustainability and digitalisation, with a strong focus on customer service and security in the housing environment. Willhem is owned by AP1.

Willhem’s MTN programme has been scrutinised by the independent climate research company Cicero, with SEB as an advisor.