Första AP-fonden’s six-month report

Stockholm, 2 September 2015 – Första AP-fonden’s net investment income for the first six months of 2015 was SEK 14.3 billion after expenses, equalling a return of 5.0 per cent after expenses. Over the past ten-year period, the Fund’s annualised real return after expenses has been 5.3 per cent on average, overshooting the 4.0 per cent target.

Six-month 2015 highlights

· Net investment income was SEK 14.3 billion (16.6) after expenses.
· Net assets rose by SEK 11.9 billion to SEK 296 billion.
· During the period the Fund transferred SEK 2.4 billion (2.5) to the Swedish Pensions Agency.
· The Fund’s administrative expenses were SEK 253 million (206), equalling 0.17 per cent (0.16) annualised of assets under management.

CEO Johan Magnusson comments on the outcome:

“As a buffer in the income pension system, it is important that we produce stable return over time. Our target is for real return – that is, return excluding inflation – of 4.0 per cent over a rolling ten-year period. That target we have overshot, delivering real return of 5.3 per cent measured over the past ten years.”

Since inception in 2001, Första AP-fonden has generated return of SEK 168.2 billion and transferred SEK 13.1 billion to the pension system.

During the first half of the year, the Fund carried out its first infrastructure investment through purchasing, as part of a consortium, electricity distribution company Ellevio from Fortum.

“Infrastructure is a strategically important component of our long-term portfolio; cash flow is long and return relatively easy to predict. Also, the value is stable and does not track market fluctuations in the same way as many other investments do,” comments Johan Magnusson.

Real estate is another asset of particular interest to a long-term pension manager. In August, the real estate company Cityhold Office Partnership was formed, in which Första AP-fonden owns 25 per cent.

“Cityhold Office Partnership has a holding valued at around EUR 2.2 billion, focusing on attractively located office properties in European cities, and with the financial muscle to grow, which we, the owners, have clearly stated will occur,” explains Johan Magnusson.


Johan Magnusson, CEO

Ossian Ekdahl, Head of Communications and ESG
+46 709 681 209, ossian.ekdahl@ap1.se

Första AP-fonden is one of five buffer funds in the Swedish national income pension system. The capital reserves in the AP funds ensure that pension benefits can be paid even when disbursements from the pension system exceed contributions into it. Första AP-fonden has assets under management of around SEK 300 billion in a global portfolio consisting of equities, fixed income securities, real estate, private equity funds and hedge funds. Första AP-fonden invests to achieve high long-term returns at a low level of risk.

More information about the AP funds is available at apfonderna.se (http://www.apfonderna.se/) and about Första AP-fonden at ap1.se (http://www.ap1.se/)


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The Council on Ethics of the Swedish AP Funds Annual Report 2018: New issues in focus during 2018

For more than 10 years, the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics has exercised influence on the AP Funds’ global portfolio of listed companies to improve their environmental, human rights and corporate governance work through engagement and dialogue. During 2018, the engagement and efforts of the Council on Ethics have been directed at problem areas such as Facebook and human rights; the use of pesticides threatening the survival of bees; and the legalisation of cannabis in Canada and the emergence of listed cannabis companies. Other focus areas have been oil companies’ long-term climate work, deforestation in South America, and tailings dams in Brazil.

Swedish AP Funds form new company – Polhem Infra – for investments in infrastructure

AP1, AP3 and AP4 (Swedish National Pension Funds) form a joint company, Polhem Infra, for investments in unlisted Swedish companies focusing on infrastructure.

Första AP-fonden Ownership Report 2018: focus on developing sustainability work and preparing for changes to the AP Funds Act

Första AP-fonden (AP1) publishes its Ownership Report (English version) for 2018 today. Developments in the field of sustainability continued at a fast pace during the year. Intensive preparations were made ahead of the changes to the AP Funds Act, in partnership with the other AP Funds.

Decision regarding the procurement of Investment Management services for Global Emerging Markets Equities

In the procurement for External Management of Global Emerging Markets Equities (reg.no EXT2018:25) Första AP-fonden has decided to approve several managers.

Första AP-fonden Annual Report 2018: Exceeding the long-term goal

Första AP-fonden’s (AP1’s) net investment income for 2018 as a whole amounted to SEK -2,074 million (29,349) after expenses. This equals a return of -0.7 per cent (9.6). Total net assets amounted to SEK 324 billion at the year-end. The average annual real return after expenses for the past ten-year period is 7.4 per cent, which is higher than the target of 4.0 per cent.

Changes to the AP Funds Act

On 1 January 2019, the rules in the National Pension Insurance Funds (AP Funds) Act changed. For example, a new goal has been introduced that the First, Second, Third and Fourth AP Funds must contribute to sustainable development by managing their funds in an exemplary way.


Swedish National Pension Fund Första AP-fonden (AP1) to Measure Sustainability Through Arabesque S-Ray®

Arabesque S-Ray® and AP1 are working closely together to develop a sustainability score assessing the compliance of companies with Human Rights.

Young employees give new perspectives

New recruits at Första AP-fonden (AP1) are plunged straight into the core business and have an opportunity to influence the results.

Financial institutions launch cutting-edge research project to integrate climate change into strategic investment decisions

The financial institutions AP1, a.s.r., OPTrust, Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro (PME) and Philips Pensioenfonds, supported by Ortec Finance - the provider of investment decision technology and solutions - announce the launch of their climate-savvy Asset Liability Management/Strategic Asset Allocation (ALM/SAA) pilot project.

Green financing for Willhem AB

Första AP-fonden’s (AP1’s) wholly owned housing company Willhem is planning to issue a ‘green bond’ to fund its environmental initiatives.

Första AP-fonden’s return for the first half of 2018

Första AP-fonden’s (AP1’s) net investment income for the first half of 2018 amounted to SEK 8.5 billion (16.1) after expenses.

Important for a board member to dare to say no

The nomination committee helps ensure that the Board of Directors is comprised of the right areas of expertise.

AP1 invests in new Emerging Markets Equity Impact fund of BlackRock

BlackRock has launched the BlackRock Emerging Markets Equity Impact Fund, responding to Swedish pension fund AP1’s wishes to invest with sustainability considerations in the emerging markets.

Sustainable investments on emerging markets

Första AP-fonden (AP1) is investing in a new, data-driven fund with a sustainability emphasis, with investment management company BlackRock. The focus is on emerging markets.

The Council on Ethics focuses on counteracting corruption

The Council on Ethics of the Swedish National Pension Funds (the Council) celebrated ten years in 2017. During these ten years, the Council has influenced global portfolio companies to improve their work and information regarding environmental, social issues and corporate governance through corporate dialogues.

Första AP-fonden’s return for 2017 was 9.6 per cent after expenses

Första AP-fonden’s (AP1’s) net investment income for 2017 as a whole amounted to SEK 29.3 (27.0) billion after expenses.


Climate Action+

Första AP-fonden (AP1) has signed the Climate Action 100+, a collaborative five-year global initiative.

Hermes Investment Management wins $400 million Global High Yield mandate

Hermes Investment Management, the £30.1 billion manager (30.6 2017), has been appointed to manage a $400 million Global High Yield credit investment mandate by Första AP-Fonden (AP1), one of five buffer funds in the Swedish national income pension scheme.

Första AP-fonden’s return for the first half of 2017 was 5.2 per cent after expenses

Första AP-fonden’s (AP1’s) net investment income for the first half of 2017 amounted to SEK 16.1 billion (10.6) after expenses. This equals a return of 5.2 per cent (3.5).

The Ethical Council Annual Report 2016 – Human rights continues to be in focus

The Ethical Council of the Swedish AP Funds celebrates ten years 2017. During these ten years the Council has through engagement encouraged the AP Funds' global portfolio companies to improve their work on environmental issues, human rights and corruption.

Elo, Första AP-fonden and Trevian establish a joint venture to invest in Finnish real estate

Elo Mutual Pension Insurance, Första AP-fonden (AP1) and Trevian Asset Management Oy have agreed to establish a joint venture company which invests in the Finnish real estate market.

Första AP-fonden’s return for 2016 was 9.3 per cent after expenses

Första AP-fonden’s net investment income for 2016 as a whole amounted to SEK 27.0 billion (11.3) after expenses.


Första AP-fonden accepts GE’s bid for Arcam

Första AP-fonden (AP1) has decided to accept General Electric’s (GE) bid for Arcam. The bid expires tomorrow Friday 14 October.

Första AP-fonden’s interim report January – June 2016

Första AP-fonden’s net investment income after expenses for January – June 2016 amounted to SEK 10.6 billion. Return after expenses was thus 3.5 per cent.

Första AP-fonden’s 2015 annual report

Första AP-fonden’s net investment income after expenses for 2015 amounted to SEK 11.3 billion. The return was 4,0 percent after expenses, which is in line with the Fund’s target.


AP Funds to co-ordinate carbon footprint reporting

The Swedish AP Funds, the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh AP Funds, have agreed to coordinate the way carbon footprints are reported.

Första AP-fonden’s six-month report

New initiatives and targets met by a margin

Strategic partnership to invest in European office properties

First and Second Swedish National Pension Fund, together with TIAA-CREF, create strategic partnership to invest in European office properties

AP1 part of consortium acquiring Fortum Distribution AB

Första AP-fonden har som del av ett konsortium bestående av Borealis Infrastructure, Tredje AP-fonden (AP3), Folksam med dotterbolag och Första AP-fonden (AP1) (”Konsortiet”) idag ingått avtal om att förvärva Fortum Distribution AB, Fortums elöverföringsverksamhet i Sverige.

Första AP-fonden’s annual report: High return benefits the pension system

Första AP-fonden’s net investment income after expenses for the 2014 full year amounted to SEK 36.4 billion. Return after expenses was 14.6 per cent.


Första AP-fonden hires Kaj Martensen

Första AP-fonden (AP1) has hired Kaj Martensen from January 1, 2015.

Första AP-fonden’s semi-annual report

Good return makes valuable contribution to the pension system

Första AP-fonden’s annual report: Continued strong return

Första AP-fondens resultat 2013 uppgick till 25 678 mkr efter kostnader.