Active ownership and sustainability

The Fund as an owner

Active ownership is profitable

The primary aim of AP1 is always to deliver the best possible financial return. This aim is supported by both active ownership and systematic work with sustainability.

The Fund is an engaged owner and a responsible investor. We aim to avoid non-financial risks, since with time they become financial risks.

Active ownership and sustainability are key areas. Read more about them in our annual Ownership Report.

We take responsibility for the companies we already own by influencing them in a desirable direction. We also integrate sustainability issues into the investment process.

By sustainable value creation, we mean that companies and other organisations in which the Fund invests must be profitable in the long term. They can do this by dealing with environmental and climate matters, social issues and corporate governance in a positive way.

Part of the community

Electricity distribution company Ellevio is part of AP1’s asset portfolio. Infrastructure investments spread risk and offer opportunities for a good return, while at the same time they can contribute to sustainable development.

Photo: ELLEVIO/Fredrik Karlsson

Ownership is the best way to influence

One pertinent question we always ask ourselves is: What does it mean if we own equity, as compared to another player?

We prefer to stay on and exert an influence rather than abandoning companies that are not well managed. We are often involved in calls for greater transparency and reporting from companies, since that makes our investment decisions easier and helps the operation to improve. Our asset managers do not have to be specialists in human rights or carbon dioxide emissions; their focus is on evaluating the future risks and opportunities, which the investments entail.

Sustainability aspects are integrated into investment decisions.

To achieve a high return at low risk, sustainability aspects are integrated into investment decisions. We focus on resource efficiency, in other words responsible use of natural resources, human capital and financial capital. Sustainable investments are good for return, pensioners and the planet.

AP1 collaborates with other owners on many issues, often in companies where we would like to effect change.

Further details of the Fund’s activities related to active ownership and sustainability can be found in the annual Ownership Report.

Contact information

Ossian Ekdahl
Chief Active Ownership Officer