Active ownership and sustainability

The AP Funds’ Council on Ethics

Ethics council increases the impact

In the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics, the four AP Funds work together to influence companies towards greater corporate sustainability through dialogue and a long-term approach.

The focus of the Council on Ethics’ work is non-Swedish companies, because there is a greater need for collaboration between funds outside of Sweden, primarily on emerging markets. Through the Council on Ethics, we involve ourselves in industries and companies with serious, systematic problems.

AP1 at the forefront

Ossian Ekdahl, Chief Active Ownership Officer at AP1, is Chairman of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics during 2019.

Sustained dialogue is the Council on Ethics’ most important tool. If changes are still not made, the Council considers recommending exclusion, which means that no more investments may be made in that company. The AP Funds decide independently on exclusion on an individual basis, but they have all followed the Council on Ethics’ recommendations.

Recently the Council on Ethics has acted on its own initiative, for example in the mining industry and sectors such as palm oil, cacao and tobacco. Corruption, environmental disasters and working conditions for migrant workers are some of the issues dealt with in the Council on Ethics.

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